English Literary Association

Type Of Activity:

The Department conduct various activities through out the year through English Literary Association.

Aim -  To work for the overall personality development of the students.

Objectives -

1.      To arrange cocurricular activities like a film-show, enacting a play-scene, etc. which would not only support students, study but also give them an opportunity for practical work.

2.      To provide a platform to the students to arrange and participate activities like group discursion, wall-paper, mock interviews and such other functions which would allow them to practice English speaking through them.

3.      To arrange competitions like elocution contest, essay-writing, book-review, etc. giving them an opportunity for self-expression.

4.      To develop leadership qualities in the students by allowing them to arrange certain functions and shoulder responsibilities.

5.      To instill in the minds of the students the spirit of self-help, service sacrifice and cooperation.

6.      To arrange the lectures of scholars on different contemporary issues in literature to update the subject knowledge of students.

7.      To organize workshops in appreciation or critical evaluation of literary texts.

8.      To organize poetry-reading/play/novel reading aloud to generate reading culture as well as story-telling skills of the students

9.      To run spoken-English classes and to impart training in native English speaking in the language laboratory.

Activities during the year -2013-14

1.Inauguration of English Literary Association and Unveiling of Wall Papers- “Poetic Justice”, by Dr. C. A. Langare and delivered the speech on – “Developing Literary Sensibility” on 3rd Sept. 2013.

Activities during the year -2012-13

  1. Inauguration of wallpaper  and  English Literary Association by the auspicious hands of. Dr. M. A. Shaikh,  Ex. Prin D. G. College, Satara. In presence with Prin. Dr. Praveen Chougale on 22nd Dec. 2012
  2. Visit of BA III students to Jiants  Group of Kohapur “Sakhi” .
  3. Inauguration of wallpaper  by  Prin. Dr. Praveen Chougale  on 16th Jan. 2013
  4. Organised Two Day UGC sponsored National Seminar on “Genre Fiction by British and Marathi Women Novelists”, on 18th -19th Jan. 2013.

Activities during the year 2012-13

  • Oragnized the seminar of B.A. (Sem) Part-III (English Comp.) students  to the purpose of  'To enhance ability to collect and process information aimed at certain sujbect'.  Prof. A. S. Jarag is guidenece to the studnets.  There were 75 studners were participated.
  • Formation of English Literacy Association to help students develop collective programmes, activities related with literary study, appreciation, evaluation and literary taste which were 25 students participated.
  • Inauguration of 1st issue of wall-papers 'Poetic Justice' to the purpose of To develop literary teste and writing skill among studnets.  Prin. Dr. Praveen Chougale and Dr. M. A. Shaikh were attended this function.
  • Unveiling of 2nd Issue of 'Poetic Justice' to the purpose of To develop writing skill on issues of criticism among studnets.  Prin.Dr. Praveen Chougale Sir were guidence this function.  
  • National Seminar on Genre Fiction by British and Marathi Women Novelists to the purpose of 'To encourage studnets, scholars and critics to exchange their ideas and knowledge of participants and to novke further research it.   Hon'ble Pratap alias Bhaiyya Mane and Chief Guest Hon'ble Vice Chancellor Prof. N. J. Pawar attending and guidence this function.