Hindi Literary Association

Type Of Activity:

Objectives of the Association-

  • To promote the importance of national language “Hindi” and “Hindi Literature” and encourage its use. 
  • To introduce Ancient & Modern Authors of Hindi literature.
  • To help the students to acquire command over the National Language – Hindi.
  • To promote profound and sincere discussion on syllabi of Hindi.

Activities during the year - 2013-14

  1. Inauguration of Hindi Sahithya Mandal by Prin. Dr. Praveen Chougale  on 07th Aug 2013.
  2. Arranged lecture on “Hassya vyang” by Assot. Prof. Rajendra Mitharii and Dr. Smt. S. N. Antereddi on 7th Oct. 2013
  3. Organised various competition on the occasion of Hindi Din, Assot. Prof. Rajendra Mithari addressed students, on 25th Oct. 2013
  4. Hindi Din Prize distribution by the chief guest Smt. Rohini Kulkarni (Akashwani, Kolhapur, on 26th Oct. 2013

Activities during the year - 2012-13

  1. Inauguration of Hindi Sahithya Mandal by the auspicious hands of Prin. Dr. Praveen Chougale  on 29h Aug. 2012
  2. Celebrated Hindi Din and organized a guest lecture of Asso. Prof Anand Jarag on the subject “Vividh bhashaopar adharith prapatra alekh prastutikaran” , on 14th Sept. 2012
  3. Organised an Easy Competition on various subjects like “Rashtrabhasha Hini Ka Mahatva, Bol Bade Anamol ….” on the 8th Oct. 2012
  4. Arranged group teaching of guest lecturers on “Bhaktikal ka Sahitya – 1375-1700 tak ki Rajnitik Paristhiti” of Dr. Smt. A. P. Chougale and Sri. A.C. Rajput
  5. Arranged one day workshop under Lead college on the topic “Vidyapan , Udghoshna (Nivedan) or Anuvad ke kshetra mein Rojagar ke Awasar”, addressed by chief guest Prof. Dr. Arjun Chavan, Dept. Hindi, Shivaji University, Kolhapur, on 20th Dec. 2012

Activities during the year - 2011-12

  1. Inauguration of Hindi Literary Association with the auspicious hands of Prin. Dr. Praveen Chougale, the function was attended by students and teachers on 31st July, 2011.
  2. Observance of ‘Hindi Day’, and arranged of ‘Shero-Shayari Competition’ which participated chief guest Prof. A.S. Jarag on 14th Sept. 2011.
  3. Organised educational tour for B.A.III special-Hindi students at Naryanpur-Morgaon-Shirdi & Shanishingnapur on 28th Jan. to 29th Jan. 2012.