History Literary Association

Type Of Activity:

'History Association' is formed with the following Objectives -

  • To provide platform for the students of History.

  • To conduct various academic activities, to give the knowledge of practical aspect of the subject.

  • To create interaction among teacher and student.

  • To provide up-to-date knowledge of the subject to students.

  • To encourage the students to conduct historical research and to develop interest in and apptitude for history.


Activities during the year -2013-14

The Department conduct various activities through out the year through History Association.

  1. Celebrated Rajarshi Shahu Jayanti day on 26th June, 2012, Dr. Smt. A. P. Chougale addressed students.
  2. Arranged guidance lecture of Dr. Smt. Nila Joshi on the subject “Media and History” on 25th July 2013
  3. Celebrated Kranti Din and organized a guest lecture on the subject “ Rayatecha Raja - Rajarshi Shahu Maharaj” by Advocate Com. Govindrao Pansare on  8th Aug. 2013
  4. Organised  lecture on the subject “How To Face Competitive Examination?” by Shri. Bandopant Patil, Sales tax Officer.
  5. Organised seminar on the occasion of “Bahgatsing Birth Anniversary” for BA students on 25th Sept. 2013.
  6. Inauguration of wallpaper  and organized seminar on “Movement of 1942” on the occasion of Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti on 8th Oct. 2013
  7. Arranged various competitions like Shero-Shayari , Essay  Competition, Reading poetry etc. on the occasion of Hindi Day on 25th Sept. 2013

Activities during the year -2012-13

  1. Celebrated Rajarshi Shahu Jayanti day on 26th June, 2012, Dr. Smt. A. P. Chougale addressed students.
  2. Organized study tour at New Palace Museum, Kolhapur for B.A. Part-III students on Sept. 2012.
  3. Organized visit to Vedh Jaldurga exhibition and museum at Kolhapur on 13th Sept. 2012 for B.A. Part-III Students.
  4. Arranged Special Lecture to B.A.-III Students on guidance of Competitive Examinations by Shri. Umesh Magadum, Finance and Account Officer on 14th Sept. 2012.
  5.  Arranged lecture on the subject “Chh. Shivaji Maharaj Yachya Karyachi Ollakh”, by Shri. Krishna Nivrutti Patil, Raygad Varakari on 27th Sept. 2012 
  6. Celebrated Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti jointly organized by Dept. of History and  Gram Vikas Samity, Kuran, and delivered lecture Shri. Babasaheb Nadaf, (Rashtriya Seva Dal, Shirol) on the subject “National Integrity” on 4th Oct. 2012. 
  7. Observed Birth Anniversary of Savitribai Phule and arranged seminar on the topic  ‘Stri Chalval Kalachi Garaj’, Asso. Prof. A. H. Pharne and Asso. Prof. V. S. Bhosale participated on 4th Jan. 2013.
  8. Organised educational visit to Town Hall Museum, Kolhapur on 23rd Jan. 2013.
  9. Organized study tour at Aundh  Museum for B.A. Part-III students on 17th Feb. 2013.
  10. Organized guest lecture of Shri. Ruturaj Kuldeep on the occasion of ‘Shiv Jayanti’ on 10th Feb. 2013.
  11. Arranged visit to  V. S. Khandekar museum and Library,  Shivaji University, Kolhapur on 5th March, 2013.

            'History Association' has organized following activities during the academic year 2012-13

  • Department celebrates of Rajarshi Shahu Jayanti on 26th June, 2012.

  • Department of B.A.Part-III students visit of study tour to Exhibhition of 'Vedh Jaldurgacha'-Shahu Smarak, Kolhapur on 13th Sept. 2012.

  • Organized a lecture on Competition Examination for the B.A. Part-III students by Shri. Umesh Magadum-Alumni Student on 14th Sept. 2012.

Activities during the year -2011-12

  1. Observance of Rajarshri Shahu Jayanti on 26th June.
  2. On the eve of 1st Krantidin, a speech of Shri. Babasaheb Nadaf was organized, the topic was ‘Mera Bharat Mahan’ followed by Publication of Wallpaper on the life sketch of Mahatma Gandhi on 9th Aug. 2011.
  3. Excursion at Panhala Fort of B.A.III, special History students on 20th Sept. 2011.
  4. Organized a speech of Shri. Pandurang Ambale on the topic ‘Introduction to Modilipi’ for students of dept. of History on 29th Sept. 2011. Observance of ‘Mahatma Phule’ on 28th Nov. 2011.
  5. Educational Trip at Vijaynagar, Humpi, Badami, Karnataka on 18th & 19th Dec. 2011.
  6. Organized a seminar at department level on the occasion of Birth Anniversary of Savitribai Phule on 3rd Jan. 2012.
  7. Educational Visit to New Palace museum, Kolhapur of B.A.III special History students on 10th Jan. 2012.