Alumni Association


Develop a fully connected, strong DRM alumni community.


  • Advance DRM Institute of Science and Technology by promoting alumni relationships, fostering commitment among students and enabling student–alumni interactions.

This mission is brought to life through events and programs such as:

  • Maintaining alumni database
  • Publishing newsletter
  • Fostering alumni visits to campus
  • Helping alumni with Institute-related activities
  • Providing job portal for alumni
  • Encouraging giving back by alumni
  • Donations, lectures, sponsorships, mentoring, internships, placement
  • Holding alumni reunions
  • Recognizing exceptional alumni through awards


Objectives of Alumni Association:

  • To keep a roster of all Alumni of college and their pertinent data.
  • To maintain the updated and current information of all Alumni.
  • To encourage, foster and promote close relations among the alumni themselves.
  • To promote a sustained sense of belonging to the Alma Mater among the Alumni by being in regular contact with them.
  • To provide and disseminate information regarding their Alma Mater, its graduates, faculties and students to the Alumni.
  • To assist and support the efforts of JNGEC in obtaining funds for development.
  • To guide and assist Alumni who have recently completed their courses of study at the JNGEC to keep them engaged in productive pursuits useful to the society.
  • To provide a forum for the Alumni for exchange of ideas on academic, cultural and social issues of the day by organizing and coordinating reunion activities of the Alumni
  • To let the alumni acknowledge their gratitude to their Alma Mater. The Alumni Association achieves these objectives by staging an annual