Nisarg Mitra Mandal

The college is very sensitive to the environment issues and works carefully to maintain a green environment in the campus. The college takes necessary steps for water conservation, and prevention of water wastage. The college has formed a „Nature Club‟ and the students are encouraged to participate in the environment protection and nature conservation activities.


  1. To introduce the students to the conservation of environment and natural resources.
  2. To generate awareness about Nature that has direct bearing upon our physical and mental human health.
  3. To give the students a feel of natural life by arranging awareness programmes like Bird watching, Trekking and Nature Camp.
  4. To arrange meetings, workshops, talks and field trips and picnics for students to create and enhance their awareness of natural environment, biological diversity and naturopathy.
  5. To promote concepts of wildlife friendly eco-tourism, eco-friendly house and alternate and reusable energy sources among students. 
Activities during  2013-14
  1. Organized tracking enrouting Dajipur - Wildlife Sanctuary, Tal.  Radhanagari on 18th Sept. 2013