Course Outcomes of History

B.A.Part- I
Sem.-I Paper I-- Rise of Maratha Power (1600-1707)
  • Students came to know background of the Rise of Maratha Power
  • Students acquainted with Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaja’s achievement till 1664.
  • Students  Understand Treaty  of Purandar
  • Students Understand Causes Course and Effects of coronation.
  • Students came to know Expedition to Karnataka.
Sem.-II Paper II-- Polity, Society and Economy under the
Marathas (1600-1707)
  • Students  Understand Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaja’s Concept of “Swaraj”
  • Students came to know the work and history of Asthapradhan’s.
  • They familiarize Fort Administration and Naval Policy of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaja.
  • Students understand Agricultural, Trade and industries policy of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaja.
B.A.Part- II
Sem.III Paper III - World Revolutions (Part I)
  • Students examine Causes, course and effects of Protestant Reformation.
  • They got information about the important events which have happened in the world in modern times.
  • Students aware of Causes, course and effects of Glorious Revolution
  • Students came to know the American Revolution (1776)
  • They got knowledge about Causes, course and effects of  French Revolution
Sem.IV-Paper V- World Revolutions (Part II)
  • Students understand Why Industrial Revolution starts in England.
  • Students came to know the Causes, course and Effects of Industrial Revolution.
  • They aware about what is Meiji Restoration. And what effects of Meiji Restoration.
  • Students understand Causes, course and effects of   Bolshevik Revolution in Russia.
  • They came to know the Causes, course and Effects of Chinese Revolution.
B.A.Part- III
Sem.V-Paper VII - History of Ancient India (From Prehistory to 3rd c BC)
  • Students became capable for handling the issues of  the social, economic and institutional bases of Ancient India.
  • Students understand Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic Stone Age and its development.
  • They are fully aware about   special factures of Harappa Civilization.
  •  They came to know Early Vedic and Later Vedic culture in ancient India.
  • They became capable to understand what are Jainism and Buddhism.
  • They got information about Mauryan Period, Mauryan administration and Ashoka’s Dhamma.
Sem.VI-Paper XII - History of Ancient India (From 3 c. BC to 7th c. AD)
  • Students came to know The Satavahanas and kushanas Sources ,major Kings and their achievements.
  • They understand the Gupta Kings and their Achievements.
  • They understand why Gupta period was Golden Era of ancient India.
  •  They understand Vardhans, Chalky’s and Pallavas Period.
  • Students got information about Auxiliary Science to study ancient India.
Sem.V-Paper VII - Political History of Medieval India (1206 to 1707 A.D.)
  • Students examine the Sources of Political History of Medieval India.
  • They understand Major Sultans and Their achievements.
  • They got knowledge about Major Mughal Emperors and Their achievements.
  • They aware about the Administrative System of Sulatan and Mughal period.
  • They came to know the Provincial Rulers of Medieval India.
Sem.VI-Paper XIII - Socio-Economic and Cultural History of Medieval India (1206 to 1707 A.D.)
  • Students understand Rural Economy and Society of Medieval India.
  • They examine about Industry and Trade, Trading Communities of Medieval India.
  • They came to Know Bhakti Movement, Sufi and Sikhs of Medieval India.
  • T hey got information regarding Cultural development of Medieval India.
Sem.V- Paper X   :   History of the Marathas (1707-1818)
  • Students came to know about Achievement of Chh.Shahu And Balaji Vishwanath.
  • They familiarize with the work of Bajirao I and Balaji Bajirao.
  • Students understand the Third War of Panipat.
  • They aware the achievement of Mahadaji Shinde and Nana Phadanvis .
  • They came to know the Causes for the decline of Maratha Power.
  • Students got information about Socio-Economic and cultural condition of Maratha Period.
Sem.VI- Paper -XV -   Modern Maharashtra (1960 to 2000)
  • Students understand Formation of Maharashtra State.
  • They understand Achievement of Samyukta Maharashtra Movement.
  •  They came to know Agricultural, Industry, and Trade condition of Maharashtra.
  • They got information about social Movements of Modern Maharashtra.
  • They understand Cultural Life of Modern Maharashtra.
Course  objective
B.A. II  Indian Freedom  Struggle
  • Students   give the  knowledge about  freedom Movement 
  • In Students  Create  National Attitude 
  • Students Understand   Gandhian  Eara 
  • Students information Indian Constitution
  • Students  give  Understand Princely state movement and Leftist movement
B. A. II (IDS) Social Reforms Movement 
  • Students give   understand   concept  of  movement 
  • Students  information   Indian reformers 
  • Students   create  scientific  attitude 
  • Students   introduce   biography  of  Indian Reformers
B.A. III  Historiography 
  • Students give  understand  concept of  History 
  • Students create  Research  mind 
  • Students  understand History research method 
  • Students understand  use  of  History 
  • Students give  museum information
  • They give  information  Maratha Capital 
  • Students information  career attitude
B.A.III  India  After  Independence
  • They give information all  Indian political  parties 
  • Students understand Indian foreign polices 
  • They create various movements awareness 
  • Students understand  agriculture and economic policies 
  • Students understand  concept of  Globalization, Linearization and  Privatization  
  • Students  give inform contribution of  former P.M