Students Grievance

Students Grievance: 

  • Students are facing problems in the education and teaching activities of college and administration and facilities. He is also instructed to do the work of the college. A complaint/notice box has been kept in the college for this. In the instruction, the student is required to write his name and make a complaint/suggestion. Once in a month, this notice box is opened by the grievance redressal committee. By fixing those complaints/suggestions, the concerned student is taken right. There is an appeal that these students should be used positively.

A Grievance Redressal Cell has been established by the formation of a group of members on the committee at the college to ensure efficient and non-biased handling the students' grievances and develop and maintain a harmonious educational atmosphere.
An aggrieved student having grievance(s) for any of the following my seek justice by lodging complaint to the committee.  Complain can be lodged by putting a note into the complaint box. 

  • Admission Process (regarding)
  • Regarding academic facilities
  • Regarding Physical facilities
  • Regarding Infrastructural facilities
  • Misbehavior of students
  • Personal complaints